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Andy Lever

Freelance Illustrator and Game Designer


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A Bit About Me

At the time of writing this I'm a 33, I live in Scotland, in a small coastal town.

I've worked in community art projects doing workshops of drawing comic books, figure drawing, print making, sculpture and stop motion animation, along with many other jobs not art related but where at times I'd get to express my creativity.

In 2017 I decided to return to university and attended The University of the West of Scotland, where I was granted a third year entry into their Digital Art and Design course. I graduated in 2019 with First Class Honours.

Univeristy provided me a number of creative opportunities working on collaboration with a group of South Korean performers, working on the design and animated transitions of the universities 25th anniversary showcase, and having some work exchanged and displayed at Hokkaido University in Japan.

I started a career in education after university doing a post graduate deploma and teaching art as a high school teacher for a year, but as one of over one hundred art teacher graduates per year in Scotland and for personal reasons unable to move I decided on another path and dream.

I began working as a Freelance artist shortly after my teaching ended. I decided to combine my love for tabletop roleplaying games and art. Since I have built a following on twitter by creating commission artwork for private clients.


In recent months I have produced art work for upcoming Kickstarter projects, self published a game and content for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and aim to continue this going forward with bigger projects.

Freelance Experience

Selanar's Socketed Items

Lumpy and Bumpy

Kit Gryloc’s Guide to Myths



Momentous Malice

This 5e Suppliment went to Kickstarter in Sept 2022 and was successfully funded in 5 hours. Created by Awfully Queer Heroes. I produced two pieces of commercial art for this Project, one of which was used to promote the Kickstarter. It is available for digitla download here!

A short illustrated book written by Dave Woods and self published under Pearl of Wisdom Publishing. This short childrens story consists of 8 Illustrations, a Front and Back Cover. I also did the layout for this book as well it is available digitally form here!

A 5e Suppliment by David Sarrano. This book covers a wide range of Ancient Greek Mythology designed and statted for use in Dungeons and Dragons. I have produced 6 illustrations for this project a mixture of creatures and magical items. It is available digitally from here!

This is a rules light indie table top rpg the inspired by the Hellboy by Will Phillips. For this project I was hired to produce 9 stylized portrait illustrations that would depict the pregenerated characters for the games test playing and eventual release. At the time of writing (20/09/2022) This game is still being test played.

HomebrewSchomebrew is a podcast about table top roleplaying games. I designed their current logo.

Momentous Malice is a Writer, Game Designer who self plublishes various material. I designed their current logo.


Please get in touch for more information about commission prices, to discuss possible collaborations, or for any media inquiries.

  • Twitter
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